Looking for ways to relatively rank stores according to the inherent location advantage/disadvantage?

For retailers operating more than a single store, it becomes essential to control for location when setting sales targets for different stores enjoying various location related advantages/disadvantages. We at UrbanFoundry labs help lay bare these distortions to help you arrive at uniformity.  

Not sure what slice of the cake are you sharing with your competitors at a particular location? 

Our algorithms help you decipher what percent of your client base are you sharing with your competitors given the accessibility and popularity overlap their location might have with yours. Base your market estimation and offerings on suitable findings, or simply inform your next major location decision.

Want to locate your business or place hoardings to garner maximum visibility?

Our trip simulation models help understand both the traffic and pedestrian thoroughfare at a given location. In addition to knowing cumulative visibility of a location front/ advertisement location, one can also know the trip composition (local trips/global trips), to better understand the viewer composition.  

Not sure which store to choose from a given number of available stores within the same location?

With curated pedestrian simulation models we generate heat maps predicting consumer footfall density at various points within a setting. Along with this visibility graph lets you know the most visible regions within the given location. Use this information to strategically place your store to take advantage of the natural flow.


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Go deeper into comparing major market settings or the ones you have chosen, on the basis of a wide range of parameters. Carefully gauge what blend of accessibility and retail mix measures work for you and your competitors and get an edge over them by grounding your future decisions on the insight. A curated set of measures allows for an effortless dissection of patterns in the choices. 


Want to know which regions are contributing to customers at your given location? 

With indigenous accessibility models, UrbanFoundry labs associates likelihood of regions responsible for the footfall at your site. Target marketing campaigns or personalize products, you can make highly informed decisions guaranteeing greater efficiency.

Store Visibility
Site Selection
Store Selection

Searching for a location to kick start your retail business or expanding an existing one?

Look no further. With detailed reports from UrbanFoundry labs you can explore both potentials regions and locations in a given city with accompanying footfall and popularity statistics. See what possible number of clients could flock to your location and plan accordingly.


Know your Customers

UrbanFoundry Labs is an organization focused at providing location analytics services. Our efforts range from helping individuals and businesses make informed location related decisions, to providing tools to help them take advantage of the opportunities that location offers.

Our uLOCATE engine helps businesses explore associated attributes with any chosen location on the map. These attributes include accessibility measures, through traffic index, potential footfall and disposable income in the vicinity of the chosen site. The tool is ideal in constituting a broad overview and is instrumental in initiating further comparative analysis between prospective settings.

Sales Benchmarking 

Learn what potential client base does a location cater to spatially with the help of our proprietary accessibility polygons. Discern what percent of clients would flock to a location by foot, in comparison to the ones coming from a farther distance. At the same time figure out whether a given location attracts people due its destination appeal or the ease of access.

Competition Assessment